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Acetal (Polyoxymethylene or POM) provided by Interstate Plastics is a tough, machinable thermoplastic with a high modulus of elasticity, high strength, good rigidity, dimensional stability, and resistances to moisture, chemicals and solvents. It has desirable toughness properties, performing well at extreme temperatures and under fatigue endurance. Acetal ESD Natural Rod Acme PlasticsAcetal (also know as Polyoxymethylene or POM) is an engineering thermoplastic that is tough, resistant to moisture as well as many chemicals. It is easy to machine, making it ideal for precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and tight tolerances. Acme Plastics' Acetal ESD Natural Rods have a ESD designation (electrostatic

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Acetal Rod Acetal resins (polyoxymethylene or POM) are engineering thermoplastics based on formaldehyde polymerization technology. These highly crystalline resins are strong, rigid and have a low coefficient of friction against metals, acetals and other plastics. Acetyl & Delrin - Acetal BlackPOM H Delrin Delrin exhibits Slightly increased tensile and compressive strength compared to Acetal(POM C) Characteristics:Strong and Rigid Tough Good sliding properties Very good electrical insulator easily machined Typical applications:Friction Bearings Housing parts rollers insulators seals Properties(typical) Colour:white/ black Density:1.42 g/cm3 Tensile:70 MPa Elongation:40% Max American Made Thermoplastic Stock Shapes for Black ZL® 900 C is available in sheet, rod, and tube. ZL® 900 H is acetal homopolymer (POM-H) most commonly known by the E.I. Dupont trade name Delrin®. It 140 120 180 110 250 70 500 375 150 50 180 120 250 150 150 70 180 140 250 170 150 80 180 150 260 130 ZL stocks a wide range of acetal copolymer tubing in both natural and black colors.

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Oct 02, 2020 · DELRIN® Sheets and Delrin Rods have many of the same characteristics of industrial metals such as brass, aluminum, zinc & stainless steel. Delrin plastic is a homopolymer acetal (POM). Typical properties include stiffness, dimensional stability, impact resistance, and structural strength. Delrin® 150 is standard general purpose, unfilled acetal. Delrin 150 Plastics InternationalDuPont Delrin® is an acetal homopolymer with an excellent balance of properties that bridges the gap between metal and plastic. DuPont Delrin ® Sheet is known for low moisture absorption, high tensile strength, creep resistance, and durability. With chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, solvents and natural chemicals, DuPont Delrin ® sheets are ideal for industrial applications. Delrin AF Polymer Plastics Company, LCDelrin AF. What is Delrin AF? Delrin AF is a combination of 10% to 25% oriented PTFE fluorocarbon fibers which are uniformly dispersed in Delrin acetal resin. This thermoplastic combination produces a product that possesses the strength, toughness, dimensional stability and fabrication economy approaching that of Delrin with the added properties of Teflon, the world's most slippery solid material.

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Oversized OD and an undersized ID for finishing to the sizeslisted. Delrin Acetal White Tube (2 1/2") 2.50" OD x 2.00" ID x 60" Length. OD Tolerance +.050". ID Tolerance Delrin POM Acetal Black Tube 0.750" Oversize OD x.250 Delrin POM Acetal Black Tube (3/4") 0.750" OD x (1/4"). 250" ID x 60" Length. Oversized OD and an undersized ID for finishing to the sizeslisted. OD Tolerance +.050". ID Tolerance -.050". Dupont Delrin® 150SA Homopolymer or Acetal Copolymer Acetal Rod and Rods:.125 10 diameter in Natural (White) and Black up to 120 lengths For Colored Acetal Delrin Rod® Read Here. (Acetal Rod diameters normally in stock:.125, .187, .250, .312, .375, .437, .500, .562, .625, .750, .875, 1.0, 1.125, 1.250, 1.375, 1.500, 1.625, 1.750, 2.0, 2.250, 2.500, 2.750, 3.0, 3.250, 3.50, 3.750, 4.0, 4.50, 5.0 and many more up to 20.0

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Delrin 507 POM 132 BLK Plate ASTM-D-4181 .250" x 12" x 12" Dupont Delrin Pom0111 Plate color Natural ASTM-D6778 .625'' X 3.75'' X 12'' POM 211 Plastic block ASTM-D-4181 2.5" x 3.912" x 7.25 Plastics-GlobalIndustrialShop for Plastics in Raw Materials. Global Industrial is a Leading Distributor of Raw Material & Building Supply supplies.engineering plasticsAcetal Copolymer (POM-C) offers much less centerline porosity compared to that of 140 110 180 100 230 190 500 300 140 120 180 110 250 70 500 375 150 50 180 120 250 150 150 70 180 140 250 170 150 80 180 150 260 130 150 90 190 70 260 160 Acetal Tube OD/ID Production Capability (Natural & BlackColors Available) *Conversion:25.4mm = 1.00