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Replace magnetic ballasts with electronic ballasts that use less energy. Use this GE 240RES120 electronic ballast in T12 (1-1/2-inch diameter) 2-bulb residential fixtures that are designed for F40T12 48-inch fluorescent bulbs. F40 and F34 Lamps and Ballast - ask-the-electricianSome ballasts will work fine with both lamps, it really depends what the label says on the ballast. From experience if the lamps are T12 F40 or F34 then they are typically ok, however the new T8 slimmer 32 and 34 watt lamps will flicker when installed in an older style magnetic non-electronic ballast and will eventually burn out soon.

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4-Pin lamp minimum starting temperature is a function of the ballast. Most ballasts are rated with a minimum starting temperature of 50 degrees F (10 C). Ballasts are also available that provide reliable starting to 0 degrees F (-18C) and -20 F (-29C). Fluorescent Light Flickering:Heres whats Causing it The ballast is a component which preforms the same function as the starter and is a little more complexed. It too also regulates the current going to the light bulb. The ballast consists of more complexed components and is much bigger than the starter. Fluorescent Tube Sizes - A Guide to T4, T5, T8 & T12 Tubes Jan 18, 2019 · The ballast is what regulates the current to the fluorescent lamps and provides sufficient voltage to start the lamps. However, there are still many office spaces and homes that use the T12 fluorescent tube lights, especially in older buildings. Another reason why they are still used is the cheaper purchasing price compared to the others, but

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Rapid start electronic ballast. Operates 2 T12 Fluorescent tubes type F34T12, F40T12 or T8/T12 Universal LED Tubes. Operates 2 F30T12 or F25T12 lamps. Designed for use in 120 volt residential applications. Durable, lightweight, low-profile metal construction. Can be used as a replacement for 2 Lamp T12 Magnetic Ballast Guide to Fluorescent Lamp-Ballast CompatibilityOnce a lamp has started, a ballast main-tains the lamp current. Most rapid-start ballasts also continue to provide electrode voltage to heat the electrodes during lamp operation, although cathode-disconnect ballasts and most instant-start ballasts do not heat the electrodes once the lamps are operating to reduce lighting system power. Philips Advance AmbiStar 40-Watt 2-Lamp T12 Rapid Start Jul 30, 2021 · The Philips Advance AmbiStar Metal Black Ballast is UTL, CSA and ETL listed. It offers metal construction for strength. This lightweight ballast has a traditional style and black finish. Philips Advance Ballast RELB-2S40-N

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Dec 24, 2020 · Optanium 25/30-Watt 2 or 3-Lamp T8 4 ft. Instant Start Electronic Fluorescent Replacement Ballast Philips Advance Optimum high efficiency electronic Philips Advance Optimum high efficiency electronic ballasts are engineered to optimize lighting performance and maximize energy savings. These ballasts will help to meet a variety of application challenges including design, Philips Advance Centium 49/54-Watt 3- or 4-Lamp T5HO Feb 18, 2021 · Our ballasts for T5HO lamps are the optimal choice for a broad range of retail, commercial and institutional and industrial applications including; warehouses, manufacturing, schools, offices, and specialty and department stores. For additional energy saving opportunities Philips Advance T5HO ballasts are compatible with energy saving lamps. Sylvania QTP2X40TT5/120 T5 Fluorescent Electronic Ballast SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC PROStart DL40 ballasts operate DULUX L 40 lamps with maximum efficacy and high lumen output. PROStart DL40 ballasts provide over 20% more lumen output than 34T12 systems. Also, the small lamp diameter and sleek profile

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This Universal Basic-12 B234SR120M-A fluorescent ballast operates two F40T12 or F34T12 lamps at 120 Volts. Saves energy without changing the lamps. Programmed Rapid Start operation. Linear model with lot of 16 ADVANCE FLUORESCENT LIGHT BALLASTS F40 For use with two F40 or FB40. florescent light ballasts. for proper wiring of a fluorescent ballast consult a professional . 16 ADVANCE model RQM-2S40-3-TP. 60 hertz, volt:120. minimum starting temperature +60 degrees Fahrenheit.F34T12 and F40T12 Fluorescent Ballasts - Electronic F40T12 ballasts that are indoor rated should be used in dry locations only. If rated for outdoor use, make sure that your F40T12 ballast is protected from water. Not sure which is the right F40T12 ballast replacement to install in your fixture? Call 1-800-624-4488 to