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"Hydrogen Effects on X80 Steel Mechanical Properties

May 25, 2016 · At room temperature, X80 steel had no apparent variation in ultimate tensile strength and elongation, except at the strain rate of 10 -6 s -1. Specimens obtained the greatest relative tensile strength loss and plasticity loss when strained at 10 -6 s -1 with a current density of 4.6 mA/cm 2. (PDF) Study of Phase Transformations In API 5L X80 Steel As a result, the tensile properties of X80 steel are higher than those of X70 steel. The Charpy absorbed energies of X70 and X80 steels at -10 °C reached 436 and 460 J, respectively.

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For intermediate grades greater than Grade L320 or X46 and lower than Grade L555 or X80, the tensile strength shall be 760 MPa (110 200 psi).For intermediate grades higher than Grade L555 or X80, the maximum permissible tensile strength shall be obtained by interpolation. For SI units, the calculated value shall be rounded to the nearest 5 MPa. Anisotropy of Charpy Properties in API-X80 SteelsTarget Result Yield strength 551 Mpa 571~591 MPa Tensile strength 620 ~ 827 Mpa 681~724 MPa Yield Ratio 93 % 81~87 % CVN Energy at -40°C 110 J 300~350 J API-X80 Steel Fe-(0.05~0.07)C-0.25Si-~1.8Mn-~0.01P-~0.001S wt% with alloying elements Mo, Ni, Cu, Ti, Nb,V. Corrosion Behavior of X80 Pipeline Steel under Coupling Specimens used in this study were cut from a sheet of in-service X80 steel pipe wall, with a chemical composition (wt.%) shown in Table 1. The mechanical properties at room temperature were measured with tensile strength of 620 MPa, yield strength (hereinafter called Y S) of 552 MPa and uniform elongation ratio of 15%. Table 1.

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The structure and mechanical properties of pipeline steel X80 through HTP rolled into 16mm thick slab were tested. The results show that the yield strength of tested has reached above 600Mpa, and the ratio of tensile strength to yield strength is 0.86, and duetile brittle transition temperature is lower than -60°C , and good strength and toughness are obtained. Mechanical Properties of Intercritically Annealed X80 Line Feb 17, 2021 · The current state of the art uses X70 or X80 line pipe steel grades (yield stress of 483 and 550 MPa, respectively) with a range of different steel chemistries which have a good combination of strength, toughness, and cost-effectiveness. [ 2] Strain-Based Design Methodology of Large Diameter Grade Apr 01, 2014 · Nine sections of advanced high strength line pipes, Grades X70 and X80 have been evaluated during this study. Six of those pipes were Grade X70 and three were Grade X80. Four of the X70 pipes were fabricated from microalloyed steels that were controlled rolled; the other two X70 pipes were controlled rolled plus accelerated cooled.

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the mechanical properties of X80 pipeline steel. Before the process of making X80 spiral submerged arc welded pipe, the pretreatment of 650°C high temperature tempering for 50 min can increase tensile strength and yield strength. Further research found that Tempering microstructure and mechanical properties of Tensile tests showed that the aging treatments produced reductions in yield strength and increases in the elongation and toughness of X80 steel. All the treatments resulted in an increase in the The Development and Application of X80 Line Pipe Steel Development and Production Of X80 Strip and Plate for Pipeline Steel in China Mechanical Property Requirements for X80 Steel Strip and Plate Table 2.1. Requirements of tensile and hardness tests for X80 steel Tensile Test Type Sampling direction R t0.5/MPa R m/MPa A/% R t0.5/R m Hardness Test Strip 300 580-690 625 API 5L 0.92

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The tensile properties and toughness of microstructures relevant to the HAZ of X80 linepipe steel girth welds Gaudet, Michael J. Abstract In the transportation of oil and gas products from and over remote locations, such as Canada's Arctic environment, pipelines are used. What is api 5l x80 tensile strength elastic modulus?-BBN Usually api 5l x80 tensile strength it is produced to be hot rolled state, it is suitable for cutting, forming, drilling and machining, grinding. api 5l x80 tensile strength product plate specification range:Thickness 3-150mmWidth 1500-4020mmLength 4000mm-17000mmHeat treatment:annealing, or X-80 - X100:Eisenbau KrämerX80. Tensile strength Rm:621 - 827 MPa (in transverse direction) Yield strength Rt0.5:552 - 690 MPa (in transverse direction) Elongation A 2:min. 30%; CVN energy value:42/34J at -20 °C (-4 °F) Hardness:max. 248 HV10; X100. Tensile strength Rm:min. 770 MPa (in transverse direction) Yield strength Rt0.5:min. 690 MPa (in transverse direction)

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Chemical composition of P235TR1 steel:tensile strength 360-500 MPa, yield strength 235 MPa, elongation 25%. The main steel pipe grades under EN 10216-1 are P195TR1, P195TR2, P235TR1, P235TR2, P265TR1 and P265TR2. The main metal material api 5l x80 yield strength used to make the boiler is steel.API 5L X80 - BEBON steelYield Strength MPa(min) Tensile Strength MPa:Elongation % (min) X80: 0.90:555:625 - 700:20